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Cars can no longer be parked at Van Steenis, bikes at a different location

2 July 2019

A contractor is currently developing the surroundings of the Van Steenis building. This will have the following consequences:

  • It will no longer be possible to park your car at the Van Steenis buiding. Please note that you will need to have a parking card.
  • The bicycle shed will be removed. If you are going abroad, please don't leave your bike in the shed.
  • The bicycle parking area will be moved to the back of the building.

Car-users: get your parking card

You may use the Motorhuis parking garage (property of Municipality of Leiden) located on Einsteinweg 4, next to the Faculty. Following University-wide policy, parking will no longer be free: you will need to procure a parking subscription.

The costs are €15.50 per month. If you purchase an annual subscription, you will pay € 155 total, getting 2 months for free.

How to get your subscription

Since the Motorhuis parking garage is not part of the standard university parking facilities, you cannot use your LU-card, nor the University’s Service Portal. Please follow this application procedure:

  • Fill in the form Parking in the Motorhuis garage
  • Complete and print this form.
  • Hand in the completed form at the FWN Service Desk (Huygens building).
  • Pay the subscription fee per pin. The Service Desk sends the form digitally to the Parking department.
  • The Parking department sends the parking pass to your work address.

Please note that with this parking pass, you will not have access to the University parking facilities.

Getting access to University parking facilities

If you need access to University parking facilities, you will need to request this via the University’s Service Portal. In the portal, at the bottom right, you will find the option to request, change, or extend your parking subscription.

A day-card for visitors

In case your receive visitors who will need a parking spot, you should notify the Gorlaeus Service Desk (071-527 6400) one day in advance. They can then be granted a day-card parking access to the parking lot at the Ehrenfestweg or at the University Sports Centre.

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