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Staying safe online while abroad: eduVPN

3 July 2019

Are you thinking about sending a file to a colleague back in Leiden or The Hague while abroad? If so, read what you can do to protect your online data and privacy.

Tip 1. Use eduVPN

When using a public Wi-Fi network, there is always a risk of hackers stealing your data. Install the free eduVPN on your smartphone, tablet and/or laptop to access a public network via a secure, encrypted connection. Read more >>

Tip 2. Secure your device

  • Do no use an easy-to-guess password
  • Never give your password to strangers
  • Update your smartphone, laptop and computer regularly
  • Install a virus scanner

If you have a university laptop and you want to take it with you on holiday, you first have to ask your supervisor for permission.

Tip 3. Do not save data on USB sticks or external hard drives

  • Always use Remote Workspace if you want to access files in your work environment outside the university.
  • If that is not possible,  you should use something like SURFDrive.
  • Never save files, but open them online.

Tip 4. Do not use your private e-mail to exchange company information.

Do not send work e-mails through your private e-mail account, such as Gmail or Hotmail. Especially not if they are of a confidential nature.

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