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Terranova meeting: Back to the - future Landscapes

20 September 2019

On October 8, the Vrije Universiteit, Terranova and the Sustainability Café Nijmegen organise a symposium on the human impact on landscapes.

Time and place:
Tuesday October 8
Honig Complex, Waalbandijk 20-22, Nijmegen


Sustainable landscape management and conservation today faces multiple challenges including water, food and energy demands and the transition to a low-carbon society. The impact of humans is so prominent these days, that officially a new geological period (the Anthropocene, period of man) for the present is being considered.

The intensity and impacts of land management on natural systems as well as the threat to cultural heritage today is unprecedented. We argue to look back in history - we require a more nuanced understanding of the deep history of cultural landscapes and the influence of changing human-environment interactions on the current state of the environment. So we will develop sustainable ways of dealing with landscape changes in the future.

This symposium is exploring the energy shift transformations in nature and culture for the future by an interdisciplinary spectrum with an ecologist (Jens Christian Svenning), a palaeoclimatologist (Hans Renssen), a geoarchaeologist (Sjoerd Kluiving), together with young PhD researchers and an interactive session with the audience.

More information and registration.

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