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International Credit Mobility (ICM) 2020: Call for proposals

23 September 2019

Are you interested in setting up a partnership with universities outside the European Union, or in exchanges of students and staff with organisations beyond the EU borders? If so, you can indicate  your interest in the 2020 ‘International Credit Mobility’ (ICM) education subsidy before 15 November 2019.

The European Erasmus+ ‘International Credit Mobility’ programme facilitates the exchange of bachelor’s and master’s students, PhD candidates and staff between European universities and universities outside the European Union. This takes the form of individual grants and travel allowances.

All study and research areas are eligible for a subsidy. If you are interested in applying for a grant in 2020, now is the time to submit your project initiative. You can indicate your interest in receiving funding by means of an ‘Expression of Interest’.

Your Expression of Interest must be send before 15 November 2019 to the subsidy adviser, Dorien Jansen.

Subsequent procedure

The subsidy adviser will submit all the projects selected as a single project application on behalf of Leiden University. If it becomes apparent after 15 November that there are several initiatives per country, the University will make a preselection. The subsidy adviser will notify you by 6 December at the latest whether your project is being included in the subsidy application.

Aim of ICM

The general aim of the ICM programme is to improve the knowledge, competences, sector-specific skills and personal skills of students and staff by means of exchange programmes. Such programmes could include, for example, exploring new partnerships for exchanges with universities outside Europe, or for exchanging students and staff with regions where this would not normally be possible due to financial restrictions. You can also use the ICM programme as a vehicle for strengthening existing academic relations with partners outside Europe.

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