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Students innovate education with university employees

13 January 2020

Students innovate their own education, in co-operation with teachers and other employees of Leiden University. That’s what the project ‘Students as Partners’ (StAP) is about. Leiden University is looking for employees who are interested to be a stakeholder in this bottom-up project.

Four student teams started last year in StAPs pilot phase. All four teams submitted an innovation idea focused on a topic that they find important. For example, making the university sustainable or improving the mental health of students. A staff member supported them.

Student asks employee

Students can apply for a new round of StAP until the 2nd of February by e-mail. They ask a teacher or another employee of Leiden University to be their stakeholder in the project. If you are not asked but you want to be a stakeholder, send an e-mail and your field of expertise/ interest to visionteachingandlearning@bb.leidenuniv.nl. If available, we may connect you with a suitable project.

What are your tasks as a stakeholder?

  • You discuss the research question and the planning with the team
  • You help in brainstorm sessions about new ideas
  • You give advice from an expert point of view


The organization behind StAP also asks you to promote the project amongst your students. In that way, enthusiastic students have the opportunity to work out their innovating ideas. And improve Leiden University.

Students can read more information on the project website.

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