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Use your vacation days before the end of the year

25 September 2019

Make sure you use your vacation days of 2019 before the end of the year. You can only take a couple of days with you into 2020. Discuss with your supervisor when you take your vacation days in the new year.

Do you still have vacation hours from 2018? You have to take these in 2019, otherwise they will be lost. This is also the rule for flexible working hours (96 hours at a fulltime employment).

Do you have some vacation hours left every year? Then it is maybe an idea to quit the plus option of the flexible working hours. Or you could start with the min-option of the flexible working hours. Read more about the flexible working hours.

Ask for vacation via Self Service

Schedule your vacation on time and ask for some days via Self Service.

This is valid for everyone at Leiden University, except for employees with an annual agreement. By the end of 2019, if you didn't use Self Service for your vacation days, we expect that you’ve used all your days. Read more about the rules of annual leave.

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