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Book holiday hours 2018/2019 before 24th December

28 October 2019

Do you want to take some holiday hours before the end of the year? Or do you need them in 2020? Decide before 24th of December what you want to do with your hours. Self Service is closed during Christmas holiday. Next year, the collective labour agreement changes its rules.

Holiday hours 2018 and 2019

You were allowed to take your leave from 2018 to 2019. For that hours, the new rules of the collective labour agreement will also apply. What does this mean?

Compensation hours from 2018 and 2019 Take them before 31st December 2019
Extra-statutory hours from 2018 You can take them to 2020
Extra-statutory hours from 2019 You can take them to 2020
Legal holiday hours from 2018 Take them before 31st December 2019
Legal holiday hours from 2019 You can take them to 2020. Take them before 1st July 2020

Self Service closed during Christmas holiday

Self Service will get an update during the Christmas holiday because of the changes in the collective labour agreement. You can’t book your holiday hours for 2019 during that time.

Make sure you book your compensation hours and your legal holiday hours from 2018 in Self Service before 24th of December 2019. Otherwise, they will be gone after this day.

Questions about holiday hours

Do you have a question about your leave? Please contact your manager.

Changes holiday hours in collective labour agreement

The collective labour agreement of Dutch Universities (in Dutch, cao Nederlandse Universiteiten) will be changed from 31th December 2019. What’s the new situation?

  • Compensation hours: build with the flexible working hours programme, will be gone from 31th December of the same year. These are 96 hours at full-time basis
  • Extra-statutory hours: will be gone after five years after the year you’ve got them. These are 80 hours at full-time basis.
  • Legal holiday hours: will be gone from 1st July of the next year. These are 152 hours at full-time basis.

From 1 Januari 2020, Self Service will separate the different kind of holiday hours for you. The system also first writes off the hours which will be gone first automatically. Next year, this also will be the hours from 2018 and 2019 you take with you to 2020.

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