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Call for art for temporal exhibition 'Art-chaeology'

8 November 2019

Carved, painted, drawn, burnt, moulded… Art can adopt many shapes, and Archaeology too! Art is one of the most straightforward means of communication we know. From painted pottery to tattooed mummies, art has been essential in human culture, and it still is. As archaeologists, we frequently struggle with artwork at our workplace or laboratories, not only studying their technical aspects, but also decrypting their meanings and connotations. However, now is the time to turn the tables and give the pencil and the canvas to the archaeologists. We want to know what artists think about this science through their work.

We are looking for artists for an art exhibition. It can be a sculpture, pencil drawing, or even carved wood. The material and technique are up to you, but the final result has to be related to Archaeology: archaeological findings, past societies, archaeological site reconstruction. We attempt to show you different and subjective visions of archaeology through art.

You can be a BA, (R)MA, or a professor. Art has no hierarchies! If you want to see your work exhibited, this is your chance. Send us your work before November 25th and join us in this colorful project.


Master's student Helena Muñoz-Mojado coordinates the upcoming exhibition. On the picture she shows her artwork based on the Sword of Oss.
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