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Corleone storage will end on 15 January 2020

19 November 2019

Corleone storage users: move your data to the J drive

Do you still have data on the Corleone storage? The Corleone storage will end on 15 January 2020. The Corleone cluster has been replaced by Shark. But the data on the storage linked to Corleone still has to be moved manually to another location. ISSC now offers a solution to move your data from the old Corleone storage to the J Research drive where it can be archived.

It is important that the Corleone storage is empty before 15 January 2020. So please start to clean up and move all files in your own home directory at the Corleone storage. Note that moving large amounts of data can take days or even weeks.

Manuals describing how to clean up your data and how to access the server that gives access to the Corleone storage and the J Research drive can be requested by emailing SOLO: solo@fsw.leideuniv.nl.

Technicians from ISSC will be available for help in the computer room 2.B04 on Wednesday 27 November 15-17h and Wednesday 4 December 15-17h. You can also call the ISSC migration team for support: 06 48104969.

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