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Psychology: EFPSA is looking for volunteers for the Mind the Mind campaign

6 December 2019

We are currently looking for volunteers who are interested in delivering workshops to primary and high-school students, as well as adults for the “Mind the Mind - to Combat the Stigma of Mental Disorders” campaign by EFPSA Social Impact Initiative.

If you….
• Are a psychology student or graduated in psychology
• Want to gain experience in peer education and training
• Feel the importance of social awareness and responsibility
• Are interested in educational activities

… this is definitely a chance you should take!

Being a volunteer and implementing a meaningful campaign, you could help decrease stigma and social exclusion of people with mental disorders, by raising awareness about the presence and effects of stigma.

In the context of EFPSA, Social Impact refers to an initiative aiming to make use of psychological knowledge in order to make a positive and significant impact on society. The team’s first project is the campaign “Mind the Mind - to Combat the Stigma of Mental Disorders”. We aim to raise awareness, educate, and combat stereotypes surrounding mental health problems. After finishing the fifth wave of the campaign, 27 European countries and countless number of satisfied psychology and high-school students involved are the evidence of the campaign’s success. The campaign will be held in either Dutch or English.

The main volunteers’ tasks are:
• Participating in trainings and meetings for volunteers
• Delivering workshops for primary and high school students, as well as for adults
• Taking care of evaluation and reporting procedures

Other additional tasks might include:
• Preparing materials for the training (games and video materials, translations of workshop material from English to Dutch)
• Helping Local Coordinator in contacting schools and other venues and arranging workshop delivery
• Promoting the campaign to schools, students and other volunteers

If you have any question, feel free to contact the Local Coordinator, Shabiha Rahamat, via mindthemind.nl@gmail.com. If you are interested, please sign up via: www.bitly.com/2NGH61E

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