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Make a donation to the L.A.S. Terra Auction

7 November 2019

On the 19th of December, study association L.A.S. Terra will hold its third annual auction! Since it started this has been one of our biggest events, and an important source of income for our association, as well as a great bonding activity for students and staff.

We are currently looking for items, perks, and services to auction off to our members, staff, and visitors during the auction! Do you have fun items lying around your home or office that you’d like to get rid of? Or a particular skill you think people might be interested in? Then please consider donating to this awesome event. Contact our acquisition committee at acquisitive.lasterra@gmail.com with ideas or questions.

All ideas are welcome! Examples from previous years include a set of vintage watches, custom artwork, postcards from internship/travel destinations, and an hour of free professional website consultation.

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