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Smoking area KOG relocated

13 November 2019

The outside smoking area to the left of the KOG entrence is to be relocated.

Measures to prevent smoking have been agreed upon in the National Prevention Agreement. From 2020, a large number of organisations will have to implement policies to become (step-by-step) smoke-free. The Executive Board of Leiden University has indicated that the buildings and grounds of the University must also be made smoke-free.

Phase 1: No more smoking rooms inside and new smoking area

With the redesign of the KOG, the indoor smoking areas were removed. This means that one requirement of phase 1 has already been met. In addition, on Friday 15 November, the smoking area to the left of the KOG entrance will be moved and a new covered smoking area will be created. This is located to the right in front of the KOG, next to the street (see map). This new smoking location however will close on 1 August 2020 when Phase 2 will start.

Phase 2: A smoke-free University

Phase 2 will start on 1 August 2020. Smoking will then be banned at all University grounds and car parks.

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