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More lectures at the start and end of the day

13 January 2020

The Campus is currently under renovation. Renovation of the PJ Veth building is now complete and the building is in use again, the renewed Arsenal building will be ready in March 2020, and next on the list are the P.N. Van Eyckhof/Van Wijkplaats buildings. Our goal is to be able to continue to teach classes on the Humanities Campus in the city centre throughout the renovation. This requires a great deal of relocation and reconstruction, and a lot of flexibility from staff and students alike.

In the coming 2020/2021 academic year and while the buildings are being renovated, we will not be able to use the lecture halls of the P.J. van Eyckhof and Van Wijkplaats buildings. To compensate, 23 temporary lecture halls are being created on the first and second floor of the Lipsius building. After the renovation, there will be fewer lecture rooms available than now. This means more lectures will have to be scheduled at the start and the end of the day, in timeslot 1 (9:15 to 11:00) and timeslot 5 (17:00 to 19:00). Alternative options include Monday and Friday morning. Once the new Van Eyckhof/Van Wijkplaats building is ready for use, we will have a further 20 lecture halls at our disposal.

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