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E-mail ....@archol.nl: recognize phishing

15 January 2020

A phishing e-mail has been sent to many employees of Leiden University. The mail was sent from an address that ends with ….@archol.nl, subject title ‘Handleiding deponeren’. Do not click on the PDF link.

How can you protect yourself against phishing?

  • Don’t react to e-mails requesting personal data
  • Always check the website’s certificate. The address bar or the text in the address balk should be green. This indicates that this is a secure connection from a specific bank.
  • If you receive a suspicious phone call hang up and contact the organisation in question. Ask whether they really initiated the call.
  • Always report phishing e-mails (even if they supposedly come from the ISSC) to the ISSC helpdesk at telephone 8888.

Did you receive a phishing e-mail?

Always report phishing mails at the ISSC Helpdesk. Forward the phishing mail as an attachment. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. in the Outlook window, click "Home” on the top left.
  2. there you will find the option "More" next to "Forward". 
  3. if you click "More", you will find the option "Forward as attachment".
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