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Checklist: Who to inform when you go on a foreign business trip

2 March 2020

Many University employees go on foreign business trips. As your employer, Leiden University is responsible for your health and safety. Therefore, it is important that you request authorisation for a business trip, and that you use the Chubb Travel Smart App during the trip. Then Leiden University is able to assist you, if you unexpectedly get into trouble.


Check the foreign travel advice on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website

For the latest travel advice concerning the coronavirus, check the RIVM website.

Request your mandate holder (manager, WD, faculty board) for authorisation.

On the foreign business trip page, you will find the right procedure and form. What form to use, depends on the foreign travel advice and corresponding zone colour. Make your request in time, at least 4 weeks before departure, especially if you intend to travel to an orange or red zone.

Download the Chubb Travel Smart App via Google Play (Android) or Apple's App Store (iPhone, iPad). To register for the app you need to enter policy number NLBBBA04490. The app contains the University‚Äôs digital insurance card, allows the University to determine your location in case of an emergency, and can be used to receive alerts for your country of destination, so Leiden University is able to assist you, if you unexpectedly get into trouble.

Register with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, even when you travel to a green zone. In case of an unexpected emergency, for instance the Italian coronavirus outbreak, the ambassador or consulate will be able to contact you.

Dutch nationals register with the Dutch Ministry. Foreign nationals register with both their own embassy and the Dutch Ministry.

Inform at least one colleague or manager about your destination.

If you need assistance during a work-related trip, please contact travel insurance assistance by telephone at +31 (0)10 289 3536 (24/7 service), and Leiden University at +31 (71) 527 6666. When contacting the assistance line, please always mention policy number NLBBBA04490.

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