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CLAIRE: Amazing success in ICT-48!

2 March 2020

CLAIRE is an initiative by the European AI community that seeks to strengthen European excellence in AI research and innovation. To achieve this, CLAIRE has proposed the establishment of a pan-European Confederation of Laboratories for Artificial Intelligence Research in Europe that aims to get “brand recognition” similar to CERN.

Recently, CLAIRE has achieved amazing success in the ICT-48-2020 outcomes. It may be the first step towards reaching their goal. We quote CLAIRE's latest press release. It provides some details and perspective: The excellent news fully shows that CLAIRE's vision is in direct alignment with the Commission's plans. The CLAIRE vision is to be found here

Regarding the whitepaper published by the Commission, CLAIRE has started a broad and inclusive process for collecting feedback from the CLAIRE network. CLAIRE aficionados are invited to add their comments to the shared document, no later than 31 March:

Meanwhile, CLAIRE has formed a task force that will develop an official CLAIRE statement based on all the input received. It is important for Europe that CLAIRE gives a meaningful statement, focusing particularly on the perspective of what AI is (the whitepaper by the Commission has major weaknesses in that regard). After the Commission has now embraced all key elements of CLAIRE 's vision, the statement becomes important to watch out for.

Below the Editors of the LCDS Newsletter provide some first-hand comment by CLAIRE's Leader Holger Hoos. Holger Hoos is Professor of Machine Learning at Leiden University, Co-Founder and Chair of the Executive Board of CLAIRE. He was delighted and communicated the success as follows in three points.

"(1) Now Europe is set to become a global leader in human-centred, trustworthy AI. However, in order to get there, we need to bring all its AI communities together, to achieve much closer collaboration, and to thus create critical mass in AI research and innovation.

[A promising start is a recently arising cooperation between CLAIRE and ELLIS - vdH, Director of LCDS]

"(2) CLAIRE was created with this in mind, and I am delighted that, under ICT-48-2020, we have now received an official mandate from the European Commission to coordinate this important effort.

"(3) Leiden University, which - under the banner of CLAIRE - has been given the overall coordination mandate - will play a key role in this, as well as in two of the four networks of centres of excellence in AI that will be created. This will put the university, the CLAIRE Headquarters in The Hague and the Netherlands into a pivotal role in ensuring the success of “AI made in Europe”."

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