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More students and compulsory matching in Brightspace in 2nd semester

13 February 2020

Leiden University will switch completely to the new Brightspace learning environment from next academic year. Pilots are now running at all faculties so that students and staff can gain experience with the new system.

Introduction Brightspace

Bachelors of Archeology are no longer supported by Blackboard in the second semester but by Brightspace. Students from other faculties who already worked with Brightspace in the first semester often continue to do so in the second semester. Other students are introduced to Brightspace for the first time in this semester.

Compulsory matching and Brightspace

Prospective students Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences, Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology, Computer Science, Physics, Security Studies and Astronomy are required to participate in (online) matching activities. Future Security Studies and Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology students are doing this for the first time in Brightspace this semester.

Input and improvement

The input from teachers and students is used where necessary to further adjust and improve the system, so that the University can start with the best possible version of Brightspace in September 2020.

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