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Lunchbite: Studying through Virtual Reality (Lab instructions)

17 February 2020

A scoop for the students at the Faculty of Science this year: they can now use virtual reality glasses to learn about the potential safety risks of working in a lab and how to deal with them. Students work with, for example, harmful chemical substances, genetically modified organisms, lasers, pathogens or electrical voltage. Therefore, they have to learn how to handle all these elements safely before they enter the real lab. To improve the learning experience, the safety instructors of the Faculty of Science developed an interactive module on lab safety in a virtual reality environment.

Instructor André Kamp: 'We expect the students will remember the information better when we offer them a life-like experience.'

Come to the lunchbite on 2 March to learn more about the study behind this pilot and the first results concerning student progress; do they remember the information better or not? There is also the possibility to try the VR glasses and experience the virtual reality yourself. Will you pass the lab safety test?

For whom and when?
The lunchbite is for all teachers and other interested employees in this subject, and will take place on Monday 2 March in the Gorlaeus Building (DM109) from 13.00 to 14.00 hours (lunch is included).

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