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Workshop on Open Access Books (28 February, Utrecht University)

11 February 2020

You are cordially invited  to take part in a workshop on Open Access Books at Utrecht University on 28th February.  

Utrecht University Library and OAPEN, in partnership with Springer Nature, organise this workshop to develop a toolkit for authors publishing an open access book.

Workshop time and location

Utrecht University, City Centre
Drift 27, 3512 BR Utrecht University
Room: Tielezaal
28th February, 10.30-15.00

There are 15-20 places maximum available and we will therefore be selecting delegates to represent a broad spectrum of disciplines/career stages/existing knowledge. Participation is open for researchers from the Netherlands and internationally, but Utrecht University researchers will have priority.


In research undertaken in early 2019, a majority of book authors agreed that future scholarly books should be open access (OA), however there is low awareness amongst researchers of OA options for books. Workshops held with publishers and information professionals identified the need to increase education and communication of the benefits/availability of OA with authors.

Who are we looking for?

We invite researchers from across all disciplines. You may have already published an OA book, or have an interest in doing so. This workshop will give you the opportunity to review tools and resources for researchers that explain OA for books (e.g. the availability of models and providers), promote the benefits of publishing OA books, facilitate the workflow (i.e. availability of funds, access to policy information), and support uptake (e.g. finding a publisher).

The workshop will consider

  • Researcher attitudes towards OA book publishing: what do we know about awareness and attitudes to OA both by career stage, discipline and region? What are key areas to address (i.e. awareness and misconceptions)?
  • Common ways to support OA that could be extended to OA books: an initial working list of what approaches for OA have been implemented by researchers or their institution, for discussion and extension by the workshop participants: how can OA books be better supported across all stakeholder groups to increase uptake?

The feedback from this workshop will be considered along with feedback from other events internationally to develop an online toolkit, free to access and re-use, which provides education and communication resources for researchers to better understand OA for books and to increase uptake. The toolkit is expected to be available in 2020 on the OAPEN platform.

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