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Daily Office Hours on Remote Teaching for staff Archaeology

26 March 2020

From Wednesday March 25th on, we invite all Archaeology lecturers for the daily Office Hour from 10:00-11:00. 
Each Office Hour we will:

  • Look into one specific topic e.g. assessment. You can request topics.
  • Comment on the latest updates in tools and solutions
  • Take time for all your practical questions on remote teaching and testing
  • And exchange best practices.  

The Office Hour will be held in MS Teams. 

  • Go to https://teams.microsoft.com. Click on Sign in. 
  • Use your @vuw’-mailaddress as your name. For employees this is: {ULCN-naam}@vuw.leidenuniv.nl (e.g. jansenj1@vuw.leidenuniv.nl). 
  • Fill in your ULCN-password. 
  • Each square is a team environment. Click on the square “Remote Teaching Support”.

We tried to add all staff members to the team. If you were not added, please use this link to join the team.

The Office Hours are organised by Eric and Wouter, Joanne, and Marja Verstelle (Centre for Innovation) who recently has joined the team that will guide you getting teaching and testing online. 

Where to ask which question about remote teaching and testing

We recommend this order: 

  1. Check the central university pages about Remote Teaching
  2. Check the documents in the faculty teamsite Remote Teaching Support
  3. If the answer to your question is not there, mail the ISSC helpdesk for Remote Teaching ánd  email Wouter letting him know that your question is not answered via the central pages, so the answer can be added for others. If you do not get an answer from the helpdesk within 24 hours, email Wouter
  4. Visit the daily faculty Office Hours in the teamsite Remote Teaching Support, and ask your question there. If you couldn’t attend, check the daily minutes in that teamsite under “documents”.
  5. If you have a question about regulations (e.g. regarding exams) and it is not answered in the teamsite Remote Teaching, send an email to Joanne.
The first Office Hour Remote Teaching for staff Archaeology attracted a crowd.
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