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Help your colleagues or offer work through Leiworks

30 March 2020

Most of us have been working from home for almost two weeks now. This has brought many challenges – in the first week in particular. How do you contact your colleagues through Teams? How do you set up a good workspace at home? But also: how do you combine work and private life?

Many of us have never been so busy, whereas for others the opposite is true: they can’t work from home or their work will soon dry up.

Would you be willing to help your colleagues, so we can get through this difficult period together? Or do you have work that would be relatively easy to pass on to other staff members? Contact Leiworks@bb.leidenuniv.nl to let them know. This could mean administrative support for an education office, an admissions office or a communication department. Or helping out with translation work if you are bilingual.

Please note: the basic rules for this exchange are:

  • the work is temporary;
  • the work is on a voluntary basis;
  • you have discussed the matter with your manager beforehand;
  • the work is within the University;
  • there are no consequences for your legal status or terms of employment.
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