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Online teaching and assessment from 23 March

19 March 2020

As of Monday 23 March, all degree programmes and associated courses will start moving to online teaching and assessment. Our lecturers have been working hard to get everything ready in time for online teaching and assessment. 

Until the end of the academic year

This remote teaching and assessment will apply to the end of period 3 and for the duration of period 4, so until the end of this academic year. There will be no more face-to-face teaching during this period. If, during period 4, the government changes its policy to such an extent that we need to adapt our teaching accordingly, we will inform you as soon as is possible.


Voor elke toets geldt dat de student minimaal drie dagen van tevoren op de hoogte moet zijn gebracht. Als dit niet het geval is, kan een toets ongeldig worden verklaard.

Students have to be informed at least five working days in advance of test, exam or other form of assessment. If they are not informed, the test will be declared invalid.

Students informed

All students were informed of this on Thursday 19 March in an online announcement and in a student newsletter via email. this states that they will receive further information from their lecturers, via Blackboard or Brightspace or whichever way they are usually in contact with their lecturers.


A decision has not yet been made about practicals. We are investigating whether remote teaching is a viable replacement or whether you can catch up on them later in the programme, for instance. You will receive further information as soon as possible

Basic principles

The following principles apply to online teaching and assessment:

  • This situation poses major challenges for degree programmes, lecturers, programme coordinators and examiners. We realise that some things will not be feasible, but trust that everyone will do what they can. We are focusing on what is realistic and achievable and will try not to waste time and energy on things that are not.
  • Lecturers, programme coordinators and examiners are responsible for developing and delivering a course. In consultation with the board of examiners and the programme director they will ensure that the teaching meets the minimum quality requirements. We will take into account that we may have to adjust our ambitions given the exceptional cirucumstances.
  • The Course and Examination Regulations (OER) will continue to apply to both the teaching and the assessment. It is possible, however, to deviate slightly from these if that is necessary in view of the current situation.

Great appreciation

The Board of the University greatly appreciates the hard work that our lecturers have put in during the past few weeks. This was with the support of, among others, the Centre for Innovation and ICLON. They have worked extremely hard to prepare our online teaching and assessment and to make it possible from 23 March. We are very confident that the degree programmes, lecturers, programme coordinators and examiners will succeed in ensuring that the teaching continues in the best way possible in these uncertain and turbulent times.

More information

Tips for online learning: Remote Teaching dossier

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