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LCDS wins KNMI tender for Data Science Course Technical Track

27 April 2020

LCDS was informed on 12-5-2020 that they had won the tender organised by the KNMI for a Data Science Course Technical Track. LCDS is very pleased with the outcome and in particular with the  cooperation with the KNMI, they will start with the first course at the end of this year. The course will consist of 6 days on a variety of advanced data science topics, for employees of the KNMI. The courses will focus on Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Interoperability, Fair and Go-Fair, Dimension reduction, 4-D Ocean streams Data Analysis as well as Privacy by Design of Apps, Privacy Reproducibility and Ethics. The aim of the KNMI is to innovate their organisation with respect to data science applications.

Arjan de Jong on Unsplash
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