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Webinar: Using rubrics for lecturers Archaeology

22 April 2020

You are all invited this Friday 24 april from 10-11hrs for the webinar for Archeology teachers on using rubrics:

Rubrics can have great added value for assignments and exams. There are as well didactical as practical benefits. In this webinar we discuss how to develop rubrics, how to use rubrics for both assessment and teaching purposes, and do’s and don’ts for using rubrics in Brigthspace and/or Turnitin.

Do you consider using rubrics, or do you have some experience with rubrics and would like to go one step further? Join this webinar for Archaeology teachers, hosted by Arjen de Vetten from ICLON and Arzu Sahin, Functional Administrator from the central LMS & Mobile team. The webinar will take place in Kaltura Live Room.

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