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Brightspace and the migration of course contents

28 July 2020

Dear lecturer,

From the academic year 2020-2021 onwards, Leiden University will use Brightspace as the digital learning environment as a replacement of Blackboard. The Faculty Implementation Teams intended to use the upcoming months to inform and train the lecturers in the faculties. Unfortunately, the Corona crisis prioritized the worries of lecturers otherwise. Therefore, we closely looked how we could support you in this new situation. 

Brightspace online training options

There are several options for you to get familiar with Brightspace. Look at our interactive menu with links in the appendix for the training and support offer. It may be that the information is not yet complete; it will be updated over the coming weeks.

In addition to a personal sandbox (test course), everyone also has access to the Brightspace Online Training (BOT). In the BOT, the basic elements of Brightspace are explained by short modules and videos.


De inhoud van jouw vak migreren van Blackboard naar Brightspace: zelf doen of laten doen?

The attached infographic shows the options for migrating the content of your course; do you want to do this yourself or preferably have it done by the central migration team? Let us know by filling in the intake form

At the beginning of the questionnaire you will be given the following three choices and the follow-up to them:
1. I will migrate the content myself = questionnaire ends
2. I want the central migration team to migrate specific elements of content for me = questionnaire will be continued, and you can indicate per section what you want to have migrated.
3. I want the central migration team to migrate everything for me = questionnaire ends.

Even if you do not want to migrate your course(s), it is important that you still fill in the form and indicate this in the first question.

Important: there isn’t a strict deadline for filling out this intake form. However, the sooner you submit this form, the sooner the course will be ready for you. Therefore, make sure you fill in the form in time.

Do you have any questions about this e-mail? Feel free to send them to brightspace@fgga.leidenuniv.nl.

Kind Regards,

Emre Sener
Projectleader Implementation Brightspace FGGA

P.S. You will receive 1 e-mail with the link to the intake form. When you teach and/or coordinate more than one course, you will have to fill this intake form out per course.

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