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Emails about changing your password to resume from 6 April

3 April 2020

You may have noticed that you haven’t received any mails for a while about changing your ULCN password. The rule that you have to change your password every 182 days was temporarily suspended because of the transition to working from home. You will receive emails about this again from Monday 6 April.

Changing your password on a laptop from the ISSC

If you are working from home on a laptop from the ISSC, your password will NOT be synchronised with your work laptop if you do not connect to the University network from your University workspace. This means that for the time being, you will work with two different passwords: your old password and a new one.

How does this work?

  • Old password

    Use your old password to log in to your ISSC laptop until you are connected to the University network from your University workspace in Leiden or The Hague.
  • New password

    Use your new password to log into Office 365, webmail and all ULCN applications that you use.


For information about changing your password, see the ULCN password page. If you are stuck, please contact the ISSC helpdesk. They are there to help.

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