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Four tips on how to stay healthy when working from home

8 May 2020

Working from home isn’t always easy. How can you stay physically and mentally fit during quarantine? Four tips on how to stay healthy when working from home:

1. Lower the bar

We can’t expect to perform at our best during these extraordinary times. Lower your expectations and make sure you take a break between stressful activities.

2. Get some exercise

Exercise keeps you fit and reduces stress. Go for a walk or follow a online class at the University Sports Centre. Also remember to take regular breaks and change your posture frequently. Six hours typing a day is the maximum and you should divide this into sessions of no more than two hours, and take a 15-minute break after each session.

Follow the online classes of the USC via:

3. Don’t forget to take your holiday leave

A good way to get some rest and recuperation is to take the day off. This is relaxing and reduces stress. If you still have statutory leave from 2019, discuss this with your manager and make sure you take this leave before 1 July 2020. Otherwise it will expire. You can request leave in Self Service via Remote Workplace

4. Seek advice from one of the health coaches

With stress it can help to empty your mind. Talk to someone you trust about your worries. If you need more help, contact one of the HRM coaches at coacheshealthyuniversity@bb.leidenuniv.nl. The coach may advise you to contact the University doctor. Alternatively, you can always contact your own doctor

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