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Survey of Leiden researchers to improve science communication support

15 May 2020

My name is Ramón van Doorn. I’m studying science communication and am currently doing an internship at the Strategic Communication & Marketing Department at Leiden University. This involves conducting research into science communication by Leiden researchers

Science communication is becoming increasingly important in society. The general public are no longer satisfied with listening to facts but want instead to join in the discussion and have their voices heard. Popularisation is a way to foster a dialogue with the public, and an institution such as Leiden University can play a significant role in this. However, there are a number of barriers that can hold researchers back (Sarperi, Cramer and Russo 2018). We are looking for researchers who can help by coming up with ideas on how to break down these barriers.

These could be organisational or practical ideas, but practical ideas do have more chance of being implemented by the communication department.

Helping is easy: simply fill in the survey (link at the bottom of the page). This will produce data that will give an insight into the barriers that hold researchers back and your ideas on how to break these down. The survey also includes various demographic questions. These have been included to help establish whether different groups experience different barriers and have different ideas. Once the data has been collected, a second survey will follow that lists all the ideas. You will then be able to choose which ideas you think are best. This will result in a shortlist of the best ideas. Both surveys are anonymous.

The best ideas will be collated and presented as a recommendation to the communication advisers on how the University’s support of science communication could be improved. Given the demographic questions in the surveys, different pieces of advice will emerge that should make it possible to tailor the University’s communication support to the needs of different groups.

The survey can be found here and will take about 10 minutes to complete. It is open until 13 July.

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