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Update: Archaeological Fieldwork Summer 2020

14 May 2020

Back in March, Leiden University suspended all fieldwork up to June 1st to prevent further spread of the coronavirus. When we communicated this measure, we promised you an update of these regulations by May 15.

Unfortunately, the current situation does not make it possible to provide much needed clarity on the 15th of May. There are still too many unknown variables related to the  further development of the COVID-19 crisis and the regulations of government policies in various countries and The Netherlands. We have therefore postponed this decision until June 15th.

We realise that this measure has affected many fieldwork projects running from this Faculty, and it has had a strong impact on students - who need the credits as part of their curriculum.

It might still be possible to reschedule some of these projects later in the summer, but the possibilities will differ per project and it is not clear how long corona measures will continue to limit travel. Therefore it is wise for now to wait with making any specific new plans and communicating about them to your team members, in order not to raise false expectations and to give us some more time.

Please forward this to other staff running projects that I might not be aware of. Thank you for your patience.

Take care and all best,

Bleda Düring, on behalf of the Faculty Board

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