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Webinar Online Assessment Thursday 2 April 2020

1 April 2020

This webinar will discuss some didactical points of attention for the development and use of online assessment. The webinar starts of with a short presentation on:

  • Quality characteristics of online assessment
  • Points of attention for some common online assessment formats
  • Ideas for alternative assessment methods

The remainder of the webinar is a Q&A-session, in which participants are invited to ask questions about online assessment.

Registration is not necessary, just sign up using  

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  • We will start at 13:00, no “Leids kwartiertje”. Coming in late means that you will miss out on the introduction and it will be harder to follow the story.
  • Please connect 5 minutes before the start time so that you can test your audio and webcam. Also check your browser: Kaltura Live Room works best in Chrome. 
  • Check your background for privacy. Make sure there is nothing visible that you don’t want shown. 
  • Are there other people in your home? Inform them you are in a call and you don’t want to be disturbed. 
  • Remember that the webinar will focus on pedagogy to support teachers. Other questions not answered may be submitted to ISSC helpdesk.

Audio/video problems

  • Log out and log in again.
  • Consider using a different device (if you are on a phone, switch to a computer, or vise versa). 
  • Check your internet connection.
  • Check your browser. Kaltura Live Room works best in Chrome.
  • Contact ISSC helpdesk if the problem persists.

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