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SOLO supports platforms for online experiments

10 June 2020

Platforms for online experiments can help conducting studies without the participants being physically present in a lab. SOLO offers support for the use of a number of platforms.

Running web-based experiments is a great way for researchers to conduct studies when participants aren’t allowed to come to the lab. These web-based experiments run in the participant’s own web-browser—optionally full-screen—and can take the form of practically any type of computer-based task. Participants can be invited to a study via either a unique personal link sent directly to them, or via a public link broadcast to multiple potential participants. Additionally, participants can be directly recruited via online platforms, such as Prolific.

Gorilla, Pavlovia and JATOS are examples of platforms built to facilitate the execution of online studies. They provide a user-friendly interface and workflow for creating web-based experiments, hosting those experiments and the data they generate, and recruiting participants.

Please visit the new wiki  for more information about these platforms, about accessing them and about the support..

SOLO wiki Plaforms for online studies 
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