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Access to Van Steenis during the summer (July 20- August 21)

16 July 2020

Working at home will continue to be the norm: we will all still be working as much as possible from home. We are expecting that this will continue to be the case until 1 September 2020.

Working in offices

During the summer holiday the university buildings will be much more quiet. The Faculty board decided that staffmembers do not have to ask permission if they would like to work in their office for a day or two (between July 20- August 21). Please respect the corona rules and regulations in the building and keep an eye on the stickers at the office doors which indicate how many people are allowed to work in an office room.

Working in the labs

We do like to continue register the staffmembers who work in the labs. The laboratories in the Van Steenis are open for staff members and for students if this is necessary for teaching, small scale research etc. Priority is given to PhD candidates and Postdocs with upcoming deadlines. Students are allowed in the Van Steenis Building for small-scale teaching (such as practicals), limited (individual) lab or material analysis for finishing theses and doing exams. These activities are all small scale. The use of the labs spaces for students are coordinated by the lab staff. They are in close contact with the Department secretaries and together figure out a fair distribution of space between students, PhD’s, Postdocs- and other staff members. 

Students need permission (by mail) from their supervisor to work in the Van Steenis. Every Wednesday before 17.00 hours, requests (for the upcoming week) from students should be sent to the lab coordinators:


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