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Dispute about employment-related decisions? Submit them to the Arbitration Committee

7 July 2020

Do you have a dispute about employment-related decisions taken by your manager or the University? There's an option now to submit certain employment-related decisions to the Arbitration Committee.


Since 1 January 2020, The Public Servants (Standardisation of Legal Status) Act (WNRA) has been in force. As a result of this law, the legal position of all university employees has changed. Due to this change, the objection proceedings under the General Administrative Law Act do no longer apply. 

At the express request of the unions, the new CAO NU includes a provision (Article E.24) that staff members can instead submit certain disputes to an arbitration committee to be set up by the university.

Which decisions or rulings can you submit to the Arbitration Committee? Who can submit an application? What must be included in the application?

Read all about the Arbitration Committee
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