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Frameworks for R&O (Annual Appraisal) Interviews | Faculty of Archaeology

2 July 2020

The Faculty Board has recently finalized its Strategic Plan 2020-2025. This plan aspires to a safe, financially-healthy Faculty which is audacious in its substance. In order to achieve this ambition in the next five years, all employees need to fully develop their qualities. In this context, good practice for annual appraisals will be essential. 

The FB will implement the following frameworks:

  • The Department Chair will attend, and provide relevant information for, all annual appraisals between the Dean and the professors.
  • In the case of permanent academic staff, it is the Department Chair who will conduct the annual appraisal with the department’s lecturers, associate professors and assistant professors. The Director of Education will actively be involved in providing information about the course unit.
  • Supervisors of PhDs, postdocs and support staff will be supported in the appraisal process by HR, who will provide training and/or information and advice. The Board is considering whether assistant professors, who serve as daily supervisors of PhDs, may conduct appraisals together with the Professor/research leader in order to gain experience of the procedure. 
  • For support staff at the Faculty Office, the procedure will include contributions from colleagues who work frequently with the employee and who have a good insight into their  strengths and weaknesses, and their competencies. The aim is to improve the quality of the annual appraisal, providing an employee with an honest and transparent assessment of the past year. 

These frameworks are not hugely different from current practice at the Faculty - in many situations, this is how it already works. However, we need to formally document these frameworks to create clarity for our staff and to set up the supporting administrative systems (SAP) accurately. These systems are somewhat out of date, not least because of the change of DVs.

After adjustment of the systems, active control can be started on the timely conducting of the start conversation and annual appraisals (80% of these to be conducted within one year after the last conversation conducted).

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