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Heading towards a corona proof first semester at Archaeology

15 July 2020

Education at Leiden University is offered in a hybrid fashion in the first semester of 20-21: remote because we can, on campus íf we can. This can be taxing on our teaching staff. To support and guide them on the road to a corona proof curriculum, the Faculty of Archaeology Board has formed an Online Education Expertise Team.

Optimal adaptations

The goal of the Online Education Expertise Team is to help teaching staff to optimally adapt and execute the first semester, despite the limitations. A course that is developed for the lecture room can, of course, not simply be copy-pasted to an online setting. To approach this challenge with a creative perspective, we hired a Learning Designer, Esther Struijk. Read her introduction here.

Another action that has been taken is the purchasing of good quality film and sound recording equipment, and the establishment of a recording space at the Faculty. Soon, teaching staff will be able to record videos, with support, at the Faculty.

Three student assistants have been hired to assist the teaching staff in the process to hybrid education. They will, for example, practice with digital platforms for live online lectures, or help out with the creation of Brightspace courses. In this, the request for help by the teaching staff is always leading. If lecturers want to adapt their courses independently, they are welcome to.

First block

Primarily, the team will focus on the adaption of the first block’s course of the first semester. However, if they want, the second block’s lecturers may already start with the transfer of their courses and request help from the Online Education Expertise Team. The team will report its progress regularly and share best practices on the Faculty’s staff website and in the Faculty’s newsletter.

Open office and contact

The team can be contacted via their MS Teams Open Office on Tuesday and Thursday. From 10.00-10.30 hours in the Remote Teaching Support Teamsite. You may also contact them via e-mail: coronaproof@arch.leidenuniv.nl.


The Online Education Expertise Team consists of the following members:

  • Esther Struik, Learning Design
  • Wouter Kool, ICT and Education, Brightspace, Audiovisual
  • Eric Dullaart, I ICT and Education, Brightspace, Audiovisual
  • Tom Rottger-Morgan, student assistant
  • Maxime Mulders, student assistant
  • Anne Wagemakers, student assistant

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