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LUC The Hague: Teaching in Semester 1

22 July 2020

A Message from Lieke Schreel - Educational Director at Leiden University College The Hague

There is nothing I would like more than having our entire LUC community at AvB in August, to see students and colleagues in person, rather than faces on a screen. I miss the interaction, the ‘quick questions’, the chats by the coffee machines, and even walking up the stairs to the fourth floor. I miss hearing your stories, ideas and plans, finding out what you are up to, the buzz in the building. I suspect the same is true for all of you!

However, the health of those in our community as well as those around us has to be the highest priority at the moment. This means, as you know, that Leiden University will offer classes online in semester 1, with on campus elements when possible. It is this last part, ‘possible’ that we have been discussing with many parties over the past months.

So what is possible? ...

Within the current Dutch government regulations we can use our classrooms for teaching but only if we observe the 1,5 meter social distance. For our classrooms that means that only 8 students can be in a classroom at any given time, for the auditorium that is 40 students. As you can imagine this has huge impact on the teaching at LUC as it is simply not possible to offer all our classes on campus with all students present.

Our academic staff is working on transferring their courses for the coming semester to either a hybrid or completely online format. As they are in the process of deciding what works best for their course, their learning outcomes and their personal situation, at this moment we cannot give reliable information on which courses will be online and which ones will be hybrid.

What I can inform you about, is ...

that we will continue to use our regular timeslots, but we will use the 15 minutes break between the slots to create time for airing and cleaning the classrooms. The compulsory first year courses will be offered in various timeslots for students who cannot come to The Hague and are in a different time-zone. I can also share that course instructors have been asked to include a-synchronous as well as synchronous elements in their courses. I trust the creativity and professionalism of our faculty that they will offer you the best learning experience possible, within the constraints and options they have.

What is also possible..

for you to gain some new skills: become a Teaching Assistant Intern or a Mentor for first year students (which is different from an intraweek mentor). See other items in this newsletter for more information.


The Programme Council and the Taskforce Online Teaching and Learning have created a list of recommendations based on the experiences of block 4. Many of these recommendations can and will be implemented into a framework for online teaching at LUC that will be shared with staff this week and with students later in the summer.

Second or third wave

A lot of this message has been about what is possible. Unfortunately it is also possible that a second or even third wave of COVID19 will take place, which I am sure none of us want. Please do what is possible to you to prevent this: wash your hands, keep your distance, do not go to busy places, continue to observe the social distancing regulations, get tested even with the smallest of symptoms. You are not doing this for yourself, you are doing this for those around you. If we work together it is possible to contain this virus and hopefully that will mean that it will be possible to come together as a community again.

Lieke Schreel - Educational Director Leiden University College The Hague

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