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Questions about online education? Please contact the Science Teacher Support Desk

13 July 2020

During the new academic year there will be more opportunities for education on campus. However, the capacity of the buildings will remain limited. This limited capacity means that at the start of the new academic year there will continue to be a mix of digital and physical education. 

Over the past few months, the ICTO-team has provided support in response to questions from instructors regarding the digitalisation of education. Now that online education will continue, it is time to expand the team. We are doing this with colleagues with educational expertise from the ICLON, and expertise in the area of tooling and blended learning from the Center for Innovation. Together they form the 'Science Teacher Support Desk'.

The Science Teacher Support Desk offers you, as an lecturer, advice and support in the design of your online and hybrid education. Support is provided for questions such as: what is the best way to set up my online or hybrid education? Can you provide support in making video recordings? Can you help me set up Brightspace? Et cetera.

The Science Teacher Support Desk is staffed by Anne-Martine Gielis, Iza Ritsema-Matze, Amber Gerritsen, Christel Verberg, Tanja de Bie, Bart Monsma-Hempel, Hessel Tempelaar and Marc Otjens.

Do you have any questions? Please contact us via: seeds@science.leidenuniv.nl.

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