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Work during the summer holidays at university locations in The Hague

14 July 2020

The RIVM's (the Dutch national Health Institute) standard for the time being remains to work from home. However from now until 1 September there are more possibilities to work in The Hague in Wijnhaven or the Schouwburgstraat. 

Since many students will not be at the university during the summer break and as many colleagues are also going away on holidays, we will temporarily offer more possibilities to work at the office.

What has changed?

Previously, permission from your manager was needed to work at the office. From now on, that permission is no longer necessary. You may work at the office according to your own needs. For example, to prepare a training or learning course, a job interview, a brainstorming session or for an introduction interview with a new colleague. Or because your children are at home for the summer holidays and you want to work in a more quiet setting. This change applies specifically to the Wijnhaven and Schouwburgstraat premises in The Hague. Contact your manager if you want to work in a building other than Wijnhaven or Schouwburgstraat. Different rules may apply to other buildings.


We need you to register at the reception when you enter and leave. In this way we can monitor the amount of visitors per day and see whether there were any bottlenecks and if any adjustments are necessary.

1.5 meter university

We do take respects the 1.5 meter distance. That means space will be more limited then in normal situations. In order to guarantee everyone's health and safety, there are also restrictions in the buildings. The capacity of rooms is smaller: the number of employees that is allowed in each room is indicated by a sticker on the door. Sometimes desk configurations have changed. The corridors, stairs and lifts should also not become overcrowded and are provided with instructions on how to use them. 

The UFB has determined the maximum capacity of the buildings.
During the introduction weeks - half of August - there will be many more students in some buildings, which may limit the possibilities.

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