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Ventilation systems at KOG ready for new academic year

20 August 2020

To prevent the spread of pathogens such as coronavirus it is necessary that buildings have proper ventilation. University buildings, including the KOG, have good air ventilation systems.

Final adjustments before start of academic year

In order to improve the functioning of the ventilation system at the KOG, a number of adjustments will be carried out on 26, 27 and 28 August. A section of the ventilation system will be temporarily shut down, but all areas in the building will remain accessible. If possible, keep a window or door open.

The ventilation system at University buildings will be starting one hour earlier and stopping two hours later than normal.  They do not recirculate air. All systems are running above capacity as the corona measures mean fewer people are present in our buildings and rooms.

Make sure we have clean air: open a window and don’t use airco units or fans

Help us improve ventilation by frequently opening windows and doors.

Please do not use small airco units or fans in spaces where more than one person is working. Small airco units and fans that are used in a single room usually just take the air in that room and recirculate it without refreshing the air.

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