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Campus protocol: Starting the new academic year 2020-2021 respecting health and safety

15 October 2020

We are pleased that we are once again able to teach on location. For the health and safety of all staff and students, we kindly ask you to carefully read the University Campus Protocol before coming to the faculty. 

For the most current update regarding education and research at our faculty, see here.

Read below the  FAQs in relation to teaching at our faculty:

If you have symptoms (a cold, coughing, fever, loss of taste and smell) or have to go into quarantine at home, then stay at home. Do not come to the campus and arrange for a GGD test if you are experiencing symptoms. If possible, carry out any necessary teaching activities online. If your symptoms are so serious that this is not possible, report in sick according to the standard procedure. Your superior will then try to find a replacement.

The government advises quarantine at home. For ten days, you must not come to the University. If possible, carry out teaching activities online.

At all times keep to the 1.5-metre distance and follow the route indicated by the arrows in the building. Give each other room.

The KOG and the Old Observatory both have good mechanical ventilation systems which do not recirculate the air. The air in these buildings is blown back outside and fresh air is drawn in. Ventilate spaces regularly by opening doors, preferably during the break or after the class has finished.

Between teaching blocks, the classrooms and lecture rooms (including the furniture) will be cleaned before the next group enters. Please do not clean rooms yourself.

In rooms and corridors, walking directions have been indicated with stickers.  It is therefore clear how a room will be entered and occupied. Also consult the Campus Protocol which explains to students how they are to conduct themselves while at the campus.

If a student comes to your class who displays symptoms of corona, you can request them to leave the classroom and the same applies to students who do not respect the corona rules. If they do not follow your instructions, you must stop teaching. If you are required to stop teaching, you must inform your manager of this as well as the Programme Director. The reason for this is not only in relation to taking any action towards students, but also  – if necessary – for consultation on how to proceed with teaching activities. If necessary, you can request assistance on location from the UFB Service Desk (extension 5272).

It is best if you discuss this with your team and/or superior. Your team will discuss whether, and how, face to face teaching can continue and/or will decide whether teaching will proceed online.

The student will be given the GGD rules and guidelines and will take the necessary action. You will also follow these rules. If this means that you have to go into quarantine then you should stay at home. Inform your superior of this and let your students know that teaching will be done online.

In the case of bachelor’s students, they remain in the same teaching group but follow the course online. So nothing else changes. In the case of master’s students, you can ask that the student in question deregisters for the course if that would mean that a place would then be available for another student who wants to follow the course on campus. Inform the student in question that it is possible to attend the course online.

Staff are always required to report to their superior that they are sick. We urgently ask staff to please inform us if they are infected with the coronavirus.

Information on infected persons will be forwarded anonymously to the Security Team by the Programme Director/Coordinator or the manager.  This Team will then provide this anonymous information to the Faculty Board or management and will consult the GGD if it appears that a number of infections have occurred in one room or building. This consultation will result in the provision of advice from the GGD to Leiden University.

However, it is not obligatory to inform the University that you are infected. Your manager will also not ask you if you are infected. There is also no database which records that a person has corona.

Together –  students and staff – we form a community that has intensive contact. It is in the interest of everyone’s health and security that we are aware of any (potential) coronavirus hotspots.

Read below the FAQs on working at the faculty in general (so not specifically in relation to teaching).

As of 7.00 hours on 15 October, it is compulsory for everyone in our buildings to wear a face mask. The basic rule is as follows: if you are standing or walking, you must wear a face mask, but if you are sitting you may remove it.

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Come on time and leave the building immediately after you have finished teaching a workgroup. In the case of scheduled, face to face teaching you do not have to inform your manager/management assistant in advance that you are coming to teach. Lecturers coming to teach have automatically been registered and you do not have to report at the reception desk.

Register this additional work according to the standard procedure (explained below).

Working at home as far as possible remains the norm. Working on location at the University is possible if you apply for access. However, there is a limit to the number of people who can come to work.

- Kamerlingh Onnes Building: Send a request to work a full day or half day at the KOG to your manager/management assistant who then sends the request to gebouwtoegang@law.leidenuniv.nl no later than 12.00 hrs on the day before access to the building is required (this can be applied for up to one month in advance). In the Campus Protocol this is referred to as the ‘Flexplanner’. From 31 August, you will have to state in your request the time (morning or afternoon) as well as the room number you will use. Possible sessions are from 7.30 to 12.00, from 12.30 to 17.00 and from 17.30 to 22.00. There are also two sessions available in the weekend (10.00 to 12.00 and 12.00 to 17.00). A session for the weekend can be booked up to 12.00 on Friday before;
Old Observatory: Send a request to your manager;
- The Hague, Wijnhaven location: Contact the secretarial office of your institute.

This is not allowed, Meetings can still only be held via MS Teams.

Currently we can only organise face to face teaching and specific events. These events must contribute towards community building and be in the interest of the students. Requests that are related to teaching can be sent to Erik Reinders and requests from study associations can be sent to Dion Latten.

General rules for the Faculty

  • If you’re coming to work: come before 8.15 or after 9.15 to avoid congestion in the buildings due to students arriving for the start of workgroups;
  • Leave the building straight after you have finished teaching. If you still want to work in the building, this must be requested in advance via your management assistant/Academic Director;
  • Use the disinfectant hand gel when you enter the building;
  • Do not shake hands;
  • Sneeze and cough into your elbow;
  • Use paper tissues;
  • Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly.

If we all respect the above procedures we can keep everyone safe and healthy and get off to a good start in the academic year 2020-2021!

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