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LUC The Hague: Regulations at AvB during Moving-in and Intro Week

10 August 2020

As the COVID-19 situation continues to develop in different ways, speeds and times all around the world, we are getting ready to welcome 203 new first-years from August 10th onwards. Rather than moving all new students into the building in one day, they have now been assigned timeslots across the week to reduce the number of people at any given moment. Though the national guidelines in The Netherlands do not currently require the use of face-masks, at LUC during moving-in week and Intro week, we will be welcoming a large groups of students who have been travelling to The Hague via different forms of transport, from many different countries. This creates an environment of many transient individuals where keeping a 1.5m distance may not be possible at all times.  Therefore, we will be requiring the use of face masks for these two weeks. All participants of both moving-in week and Intro week will need a face mask when being inside the building and participating in any activities related to any of these two weeks.

This means that families and friends who may be assisting students to move-in, as well as any other staff and students involved in the organization and participation of moving-in and Intro week events, will require face masks during these moments. Mentors and students will require face masks when participating in in-person activities during the afternoons. While students are in their own apartments, or during moments outside of these planned events, the use of face masks is optional, and up to each individual.

We ask for the cooperation of our LUC community for these upcoming 2 weeks to provide safety measures upon arrival. Once the academic year starts, and these 14 days of students and visitors transiting through our building have passed, LUC will continue to work under the RIVM regulations (the national guidelines), that are applicable at that point in time starting August 24. You can read about the regulation of Living and studying at LUC during Corona times here. It will be updated with any new regulations that may come into place if that is the case.

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