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Semester 1 teaching staff: please let us know when your online activity is planned

24 August 2020

We are currently finalizing the program for the first semester. Many courses will offer both on campus and online activities. All on campus activities have been scheduled, but we do not have information on all online scheduled activities. We will add that in the schedule of the course, which allows students to see that on the website. Next, although we will include a disclaimer, we would like to offer all students the latest information on the instruction mode.
We have several questions regarding the courses of block 1 and 2:

  • Could you please inform us a.s.a.p. when your online activity is planned? 
  • And could you please send an updated version of the changed mode of instruction in your course description to the administration office?

Please send an e-mail to Laura van Hoof with the information requested.

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