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Coming to the University? Do the corona check first!

17 September 2020

Do the corona check before you come to your workplace at the University. Answer the five questions on the checklist to see whether you can come. Stay at home if the check tells you to. This is to protect the health of students and staff and ensure the University can stay open.

The infection rate is rising again in the Netherlands – especially among students and young people. We are pleased to be able to offer some of our teaching on campus and do not want to have to return to 100% online. It is therefore essential that you stay at home if the corona check tells you to. This is for the protection of students, lecturers and the other staff members in our buildings.  

Working at home will continue to be the norm

All our staff will continue to work from home for the time being. If you are a lecturer or researcher you may have to work in our buildings, in a library or laboratory, for example. You can also come to the University for other reasons: for instance, to provide teaching support, to help with practicals, to perform certain tasks or because of your home situation. You will first need permission from your manager. 

Distance, distance, distance

If you are allowed to come to the University, always keep 1.5 metres away from others and avoid busy places, in the buildings too. Also follow the instructions on the signs and stickers and from our staff, and read the Campus Protocol thoroughly.

Report any infections

We also ask you to notify your manager if you have coronavirus. Our students and staff form a close community, so it is important for everyone’s health and safety to know whether there are, or could be, corona clusters. We therefore ask you to inform us if you have tested positive. However, under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) this is always voluntary.

Remind others of the rules

If you see or talk to someone who is not following the guidelines, please remind them of the rules. We are calling on all our students and staff to take responsibility for keeping our university safe and healthy, and thus help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Keep students, lecturers and other staff safe:

  1. If you want to come to the University, first do the corona check.
  2. If you are infected with coronavirus, inform your manager.
  3. If you come to the campus, keep 1.5 metres away from others and follow the Campus Protocol.
Leiden University corona check
Download the corona check here and save it to your phone.
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