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FGGA-Future Learning Office (FGGA-FLO): Review of the past two weeks

10 September 2020

The academic year has now really started, and as the Future Learning Office (ICT & O- department) we have certainly noticed that. It were two challenging and very hectic weeks where we learned a lot about the implementation of Brightspace, Web lectures and remote teaching. We hope we have been able to support you as best as possible over the past two weeks and we will continue to do so in the coming weeks! 

Below is a brief overview of the questions that have been most frequently asked of us in recent weeks: 


How can I have my lectures recorded and / or live streamed? 

When lectures are meant to be recorded in one of the lecture halls, it is first of all important to book the lecture hall at the UFB. The suitable lecture halls are Wijnhaven 2.01 & 2.02, Schouwburg A0.06 and Anna van Bueren 2.21. Once the room has been booked, you can send an email to weblectures@fgga.leidenuniv.nl with: 

  • Dates, times and room in which the lecture must be recorded; 

  • Whether the lectures should be recorded and / or live streamed; 

  • With a live stream: whether the Q&A functionality is desired. 

The sooner we receive this request, the sooner we can plan everything properly and, if applicable, share the livestream link. 

Use of microphone and PC 

In order to provide the students the best possible remote education, it is important to always use the microphone and the PC present in the lecture hall, during a weblecture. In this way, all students have a good view of the PowerPoint presentation and will hear the teachers adequately. A tip: remember that the lecture hall is full, and answer the following questions for yourself: 

  • Could the students in the back of the room hear me as well? -> Microphone. 

  • Would the students in the back of the room be able to see me properly? -> On the podium / behind the lectern. 

  • Would the students in the back of the room be able to see my PowerPoint slides properly? -> Turn on projectors. 

In principle, everything a student can see and hear well in the back of the room can also be seen and heard by the students who watch digitally. 

The Moderator link is not working? 

When the Q and A function is enabled, many teachers experience that they cannot access the ‘Moderate’ link. You will be asked to click on an activation link that would have been sent by email. However, this email never arrives. To solve this problem, it is important to set the account settings correctly once. You can do this by clicking on the following link: https://weblectures.leidenuniv.nl/Mediasite/MyMediasite/settings/profile > filling in an fgga email > Save. In this way, the media site recognizes that the teacher is an authorized user. If you then click on the Moderate link again, you should be able to continue. 

How do I record a lecture in the other classrooms? 

In order to record a workgroup or lecture in other rooms than stated above, webcams are available at every campus location. These can be picked up at the Service desks or the receptions. The webcam can be connected to the PC in the room via USB, then the webcam installs itself. Recording a lecture via webcam must be done via Kaltura Capture, which can be reached via video.leidenuniv.nl. When you launch Kaltura Capture you can start recording immediately. Be aware that in the end the recording must be saved and uploaded by clicking on “save & upload”. The recording is then automatically added to your account and can be found via Brightspace and video.leidenuniv.nl. It is also possible to use these webcams to have a live session in Kaltura Live Room or Microsoft Teams, just like you would at home. 


How do I add teachers? 

As an "instructor" in a Brightspace page, you have the option to add teachers to the course. You do this by: Course Tools > Classlist > Staff > Add Participants. For a complete overview, see this link. 

How do I add web lectures to my course? 

When a link to a web lecture needs to be added to the content of the course, this is best done by going to the relevant content page where it should be uploaded. Then click on Create new > Web link > Enter the link and click on "Open in new tab" instead of "Embed on the page (iframe)". 


How do I add videos from Kaltura under My Media to my Brightspace course page? 

Via Course Tools> Kaltura Media Gallery> Add New you can upload a video from your own Kaltura Media gallery to the Brightspace page. All videos that you record with Kaltura Captura or Kaltura Live Room are uploaded by default to your own My Media and should therefore also be visible here. 

To place the video in the content of the course, go to Content> the relevant unit> Add Existing> More> Add Kaltura Media> Media Gallery (tab)> select the video. Now the video is "embedded" in the Brightspace page. It is wiser to let the video play in a new tab instead of "embedded". This can be done by clicking the three dots at the top right of the embedded video> Edit> Open in new tab> Save. This way the student can always play the video (note: check if students can see the video by setting it to "visible"). 

For a complete overview, see this link. 

The Kaltura liveroom is not working? 

A number of teachers have experienced difficulties starting a Live Room. This problem is caused by cookies stored in the browser. To overcome this problem, it is important that the stored cookies are deleted. A number of ways on how to do this can be found here

Microsoft Teams

How do I invite students to a team? 

There are three ways to add a student to a team: 

Individually by name or student number via: Tap on the three dots next to your team> Add member, however this method is time consuming and only useful if you actually need to add a single person. 

Generate a team code via the settings of your team. If this code is shared with students, students are automatically added to the team when they join a team via: Join or create team> Enter code. 

Get link to the team via: Tap on three dots next to your team> Get link to team. Students automatically join the team by clicking the link. This is the least secure way to invite students, as anyone with the link can access your team. 

How can I change the (admin) rights during a team meeting? 

It is possible that the rights during a team meeting are not set correctly and that students can take over the PowerPoint presentation. This can be adjusted prior to a meeting. You do this by clicking on "Meeting Options" at the bottom of the invitation for a team meeting> at "Who can present?"> Tick "Only me" (drop-down menu). Another possibility to adjust the rights is during the meeting itself. Then click on the three dots in the participation list> Manage Permissions> "who can present?"> "Only me" (drop-down menu). 

How can I change the rights for students in a channel? 

To prevent students from posting unwanted messages in the channel or starting a meeting in your Team themselves, the rights for students can be adjusted. You do this by clicking on the three dots next to the channel> Manage channel> Under Permission click on “Only owners can post”. 

In general, we recommend choosing the second option, so that students can still ask questions during a meeting, but get a warning that everyone will receive his or her message. 


For questions about Brightspace, please email: Brightspace@fgga.leidenuniv.nl  

For questions regarding weblectures, please email weblectures@fgga.leidenuniv.nl  

For general questions about the use of tools, MS Teams, Kaltura or Remote Teaching, please mail to FLO@fgga.leidenuniv.nl  

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