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LUC The Hague: A Message from the Dean

23 September 2020

Week 5

Another busy week at LUC, with students sweating over midterms, academic staff sharing experiences with online teaching and exchanging tips and tricks, and support staff getting ready for the new recruitment and admissions season.

And coming up later in the week (Friday 25 to Monday 28 September): a series of events with LUC alumni to inspire our students and talk about personal development and careers after graduation. This series is a wonderful opportunity for students to think about different opportunities for their futures, and even more importantly to meet amazing people with insightful stories and experiences. See this link for more information on this series.

My own agenda from last Wednesday to this Wednesday was filled with many meetings, including meetings with the College Board, the Program Board, the major conveners, the chair of the Board of Examiners, the admissions team, the FGGA Diversity & Inclusion task force, the decolonizing working group, the RA’s, the Fortuna Board, the chairs of the Race & Ethnicity committee, and various individual staff members to catch up. A network of wonderful people that are all working hard to keep LUC running as smoothly as possible and contribute to the quality of our program and community life.

Outside of LUC I was a panel member in two events on the topic of children’s development in a multicultural society, put together by Dutch organizations that you might want to check out if you are interested in issues of racial and cultural diversity. One was an expert meeting organized by the Kennisplatform Integration & Samenleving about evidence-based approaches to reducing prejudice in Dutch schools, and the other an event for the general public organized by Skin Deep about parenting in bicultural families. Another organization that I have been in contact with that works in both Dutch and English and is doing some good work is Xenolearn, with a great new book club initiative. Check it out!

Finally, LUC has a birthday coming up next week: on September 29th, LUC will be 10 years old! Make sure to catch Fortuna’s Lustrum Concert in the evening, so bring your good times, and your laughter too, We’re going to celebrate your party with you!

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