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Microsoft Office 365 – the new way of working

21 September 2020

This spring we accelerated the transition to working online via Office 365.  Have you already figured out how you can make the best of Office 365 for your work or could you use some help? We have listed a number of tips for you.

1. Follow the updates in the newsletter

To familiarize you with the possibilities of Teams, OneDrive and other functionalities in Office 365, we will pay more attention to this in the newsletter.

2. Read the tips and explanations on the website and the helpdesk portal

On the staffmembers site, for example:

Tips on how to access your usual programs from home.

Mobile working
Tips for using Teams Microsoft Teams
Information about securely logging in to Office with Microsoft Authenticator Microsoft Authenticator
In the helpdesk portal:

Comprehensive answers to specific questions and knowledge items about Office 365

helpdesk portal

3. Work and collaborate online on different devices

  • You can work and collaborate with Office 365 via Office 365 apps on your laptop, PC or tablet, or from the online environment of Office 365.
  • Do you want to download the apps? This is possible from the online environment of Office 365, on a maximum of 5 devices (PC, laptop, telephone or tablet).
  • The Office apps and documents you use are available everywhere, at your workplace and at home.

Log in Office 365

Log in to the Office 365 online environment to work online or to download Office apps.

Log in

4. Download en set up Microsoft Authenticator

After entering your username and password in Office 365, you need to confirm your login through the Microsoft Authenticator app. This is an extra security step (multifactor authentication).

If you are unable or prefer not to log-in via the app, you can instead log-in with a text message or automated phone call. Read how to set this up in the alternative log-in methods manual in the helpdesk portal.

Video: How to sign in with the Microsoft Authenticator app

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