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Workshop series: Policy Academy Programme

18 August 2020

The Policy Academy Programme aims to enable young researchers to gain insight in the Dutch context of policy and governance to create more impact with their research beyond academia.


The programme consists of four workshops, of which the first two are online (startdate is 29 September 2020). In a series of workshops you will discuss how you can engage with policy-makers, the media and the society at large, how you can translate your research to different audiences and how your research can inform policy-making to make more impact. 
Central throughout the programme is the focus on your personal role and drivers as a researcher and how your knowledge/research(-results) can impact policy. It is thus also of interest in strengthening the impact paragraph in proposals. 

Target group

It is of interest to early career Leiden researchers of all disciplines (with a focus on SSH domains) who are interested in increasing the societal impact of their research.

More information and enrollment

Foir more information and enrollment visit the 'Policy Academy Programme' course page.

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