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Reaction to the gathering of students in the Van der Werfpark

18 September 2020

On Thursday 17 September, a large group of students came together in the Van der Werfpark in Leiden. A permit was issued for the event, setting out strict rules, including maintaining the prescribed distance, alcohol use and noise. The finishing time was also set at 22.00 hrs. In spite of these clear agreements made with the student association concerned, many of the students present did not keep to the rules. In the current situation this is irresponsible.  


The association informed the university and the municipality of the incident on the evening it occurred. The committee of the association has also issued a statement (in Dutch) clearly condemning these ‘senseless and irresponsible’ activities, and has taken steps to mitigate any spreading of the coronavirus. As a result, the association premises will be closed for two weeks, all introductory activities will be delayed for two weeks and all those who were present on the evening in question are expected to remain in quarantine at home – and consequently not to come to the university – and to have themselves tested for corona.

Campus protocol

We appreciate that this event has led to some concern among our staff and students. For Leiden University it is important that the university is a safe place for everyone. This is only possible if everyone abides by the measures and observes the rules set out in the campus protocol. The committee of the association and the university are in close discussion about how to handle this incident.  

Do the corona check

For all students and staff who want to come to the university: first do the corona check to see whether you are welcome in our buildings.

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