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Return to the office - working with Teams and OneDrive

24 September 2020

Are you going back to the office after working from home for months? Then make sure you update your PC or laptop properly. Also pay attention when saving your files.

Install Microsoft Office 365 and Teams (again) via the Software Center on your PC or laptop. This is because the Office version or Teams app that you may have installed via Office.com sometimes works less well from your workplace.

Do you need a camera and microphone on your PC? Request them via the helpdesk portal.

How to update your desktop and laptop?

  • University desktop and university managed work laptop
    If you are at the university, install the latest versions of Microsoft Office, including Teams, via the Software Center (click Windows Start> Software Center, then at Applications choose “Office 365 CTR (incl Visio and Project) (SAC)”) on your desktop and university laptop that you worked with at home.

    Tip: save time by installing all available Windows 10 updates on your university laptop at home. See the message Back to the office? Schedule time for the software updates on your work laptop.
  • University Mac
    If you are in college, install the Teams app from the Managed Software Center if necessary. The other Office apps are already there.
  • Private laptop
    Do you want to work on your private laptop at university? Then connect to wifi (eduroam) to access the network. Read more about Office 365, OneDrive and Teams on the helpdesk portal.

What else do you need?

  • To be able to meet with Teams you need a camera and microphone (headset). You can request this via the helpdesk portal
  • Take your laptop charger with you to the office.

Be careful when saving files

Are you working on the university network again? Then be careful when saving files.

Did you copy files from J drive or P drive to use at home in March? Then be careful when you put these files back. There is a risk of overwriting the originals, or of confusion about versions. Especially when you are working with shared files.


  • Make clear agreements about the naming of files and adjust the title of a file by adding a date or version number.
  • Do you want to work on a file together with colleagues? Then you can also share the file in Teams.

For more tips and detailed information, visit the helpdesk portal

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