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LUC The Hague: A Message from the Dean

14 October 2020

So I had Corona…Started with a cold, turned into major loss of energy and massive headaches. But the good news is that I recovered, and that luckily all it took after (finally) getting tested and diagnosed, was a week of rest for me to feel pretty much back to normal. Phew! Not everybody is so lucky. It is still a small miracle, but also testimony to a collaborative community spirit that LUC has so far not seen an outbreak of the virus beyond a couple of individual cases. So let’s continue to distance, wash our hands, and wear face masks where appropriate so that we can keep this up! 

Last Saturday LUC hosted an ‘experience webinar’ for students interested in applying to LUC. Not the same thing as an offline event of course, but very lively nonetheless, with eager prospective students wanting to know all about our program and community. LUC’s new recruitment team is already preparing inspiring online sample classes for the next event! And LUC’s admissions team is discussing new interview formats to optimize its selective purpose but also reduce bias and promote equity in this decision-making process. A very interesting and important process!

Now that Block 1 has almost come to an end, we do find ourselves more exhausted than we would normally be. Even though the community is really putting its best foot forward to deal with the online situation, both staff and students notice that our screens are not great energy-preservers. But fall break is almost upon us! Do enjoy a week without classes and exams, and find the things you can still do outside of your apartment in the city. Trade in your flat screen for a dome screen in the Omniversum to see spectacular movies about turtles, Antarctica, Cuba, or wildlife in Canada! Or take a walk in the Westduinpark, and admire the Scottish Highlanders grazing. Or visit matchmaking fair of Volunteer The Hague tomorrow (Oct 15) to meet new people and find new ways of connectint to the city. Or… sleep all day, all week. Also fine with me, I am sure you’ve deserved it! 

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